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Questions, answers, and tips. 

What’s batana?

Batana is the nut of the American Palm Tree, which grows wild in Central and South America. It’s handpressed by locals, releasing oil packed with good acids (oleic and linoleic) and lower levels of saturated fatty acids. It’s also a great source of tocotrienols (Vitamin E) and carotenoids (a great antioxidant). Basically it’s a powerhouse ingredient for good hair. 

I wash my hair every other day, how long will my Nolé shampoo and conditioner bar last?

Each shampoo bar equals three 8.4oz bottles of liquid shampoo, and each conditioner equals five of the same size. If you wash your hair every other day, a shampoo bar will likely last up to 3 months, and a conditioner bar up to 5 or even six. Of course, this depends on how much product your hair calls for.


Why should I care that your products are pH balanced?

Acidic products will close your hair cuticles and shrink the strand. In contrast, alkaline products will soften and swell the strand, thus opening the cuticle. Therefore, the products you use on your hair should roughly match the natural pH level for a gentle clean. 

 Why aren’t all shampoos pH balanced? 

Many hair products have added sulfites, which are an inexpensive way to create lather and cleanse, but they also increase the pH level. 

Why should I care that your products don’t have salt? 

Salt (“sodium chloride”) is a cheap but effective way to thicken the consistency of shampoos and conditioners. Salt, however, causes the scalp to dry out, which may result in itchiness and dullness. 


I noticed “alcohol” is the first ingredient in your conditioner bars and I’m shocked that it didn’t dry out my hair. What kind of sorcery is this?

Sharp observation. While we’d like to say that we’re alchemists, the ingredient you’re mentioning is “Cetyl alcohol,” a combination of fatty alcohols found in plants like Coconut or Palms, and very different from the rubbing alcohol or, say, tequila. 

It’s actually a common, skin-friendly ingredient that’s hydrating and softening. It’s mild-smelling, white, and waxy, not astringent, and clear. But, most importantly to us, it’s great for hair. 

No studies have found this ingredient harmful, and allergic reactions are of low concern.


Why should I care that your products don’t have sulfates, parabens, and phthalates?

These ingredients are all controversial and possibly toxic to the human body. They may cause irritation, hormone imbalances, or, worse, illness.

Is your batana organic?

Not yet. We source our batana oil directly from the Tawira community in Honduras, who extract it from wild American Palm Trees. Together, we’re working to help them obtain their Organic and RSPO certifications. 

Why does my bar look different than in the pictures? 

When it comes to natural products, slight variation in color is totally normal. Every bar is unique, just like you :) 

Do your shampoo and conditioner bars have a shelf life? 

Yes, three years. However, because they are natural and don’t have any preservatives, we recommend using them within 6-12 months to enjoy peak aroma and effectiveness.  

Are your shampoos and conditioners natural? 

Yes, of course. We’re obsessed with making hair care that works really well without harming our health, bodies or planet. To this end use super-ingredients like batana oil or parkii butter and only combine them with essential, scientifically-backed and proven-safe plant-based ingredients that boost their efficacy. 

What happens if I don’t like your shampoos and conditioners? 

Our “Pelo Lindo Promise” guarantees your satisfaction. Read the policy here

Which bar is right for me?

Technically, our shampoo bars work for all hair textures, colors and, yes, even dyes. However, we encourage some mixing and matching so you always have a bar that serves your current needs. 



Our non-toxic shampoo and conditioner bars are excellent for humans of any age. Here’re some things to consider before making the switch to Nolé for your littles:

  • pH Balance: Babies have more sensitive skin than adults, so it's important that their shampoo has a balanced pH level to avoid irritation. All our bars are all pH neutral. 
  • Ingredients: Our bars are free from harsh chemicals, sulfates, and parabens that can be harmful to a baby's delicate skin. Keep in mind that some of our formulations contain essential oils and fragrances that may be irritating, which leads to our next point. 
  • Patch Test: Before using Nolé on a baby's entire head, consider doing a patch test on a small area of their skin to ensure there's no adverse reaction or allergies.
  • Eyes: Be extra cautious to prevent shampoo from getting into a baby's eyes. 
  • Don’t over do it: Babies don't need frequent hair washing, so shampoo sparingly. A baby's hair and scalp are generally more delicate and have fewer natural oils than adults.

Our founder, Alida Boer, has been using Nolé on her three kids for years, but remember that every baby is different, and what works for one may not work for another. When in doubt, always consult your pediatrician before trying any new product on your kids.

Here are some real-life scenarios and solutions that you may identify with. 

My scalp is so itchy and my ends are a wreck. 

Try combining Rosemary for Balance Shampoo Bar to rehab your scalp with For Blondes Conditioner Bar, our most nourishing conditioner that, despite the name, is not exclusive for blonde hair.  

My hair gets super frizzy during the summer. 

Without a doubt, Coconut for Frizz Shampoo Bar and will be your summertime hair champion. Feel free to match it with any conditioner bar you like. 

I’ve been going to a lot of events lately and have been using lots of styling products. 

Citrus Deep Clean Shampoo Bar is amazing to detox scalp and hair from product buildup. You can pair it with a Matching Conditioner Bar or Fragrance-Free Radiance Conditioner Bar for the most gentle hydration. 

Help! I just had a baby and my hair is shedding.

Congrats mama! And don’t worry, this is normal; it’s actually how our founder became obsessed with haircare. Our Arnica for Volume Shampoo Bar combines the rejuvenating properties of batana with arnica to help stimulate hair growth. Pair with For Volume Conditioner Bar to nourish the ends weightlessly to promote bounce. 

My hair is dry but my skin is super sensitive. 

Our Fragrance Free Radiance Set nourishes your hair and scalp and, with no added fragrance, is extra gentle on skin. 

My curly hair needs TLC. 

All our shampoos and conditioners are great for naturally wavy or curly hair. As a starting point, we like to recommend For Balance Set if you have dark-colored hair or For Frizz Set if you live in humid climates. 

I just dyed my hair blond.

For Blondes Set is amazing at maintaining the radiance of lighter shades and safe on colored-hair. 

Nolé Subscription FAQs 

What’s a Nolé subscription?

It’s an automated delivery service of Nolé products. 

What happens if I need to cancel my subscription? How do I cancel my Nolé subscription? 

You can cancel your subscription at any time and for any reason. To cancel, simply email us at or log into your account

What are the perks of having a subscription? 

There are two big ones:

  1. Convenience. By getting shampoo and conditioners automatically delivered, you’re saving time and ensuring you never run out. 
  2. You save on each order. This adds up to big savings over time!

Did we leave something out or do you have a unique scenario? E-mail us and we’ll be happy to help clear the air