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Our Story

After giving birth and months of intense stress, Alida Boer's hair took a toll. Shedding, dullness, split ends, and, for the first time in her life, bald spots.

Alida Boer

For those not familiar, Alida Boer is a force of nature (though, unassuming as she is, she hates it that we put it that way). A beauty queen from Guatemala who quit modeling for entrepreneurship. She started Marias Bag in 2011 to share the ancient art of centuries-old Guatemalan textile weaving and treat it for what it is: Latin American haute couture.

Where it all started

La Batana

During a trip to Honduras to give a talk on sustainable fashion, she kept hearing about a local product that was "a miracle for hair loss." Skeptical yet desperate, she tried the famous batana oil everyone talked about. It was rustic and unfamiliar, but it worked. Her hair stopped shedding. It felt softer and looked shinier. And, best of all, she noticed baby hairs.

Creating Nolé

She couldn't help but share her discovery. When friends and family reported similar results, she realized that she needed to start Nole to share this ingredient with the world.

our values

what do we care about?

“A good hair day makes all the difference.”

- Alida Boer, founder and CEO