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What’s the “magic secret ingredient”?

Deep in the jungles of “La Muskitia” in Honduras live the Tawira, dubbed by locals as “the people of good hair,” who have used the oil from the batana tree in their hair and skin for centuries. We won’t say it’s magic and we’re not keeping it a secret, but you can bet that’s our main ingredient.

How did this happen? 

A former model turned social activist, a random encounter in Honduras, and the simple natural ingredient that fixed her post-partum hair.

Starting at the top

Scalp: we hate the word as much as anyone, but let’s face it: healthy scalps = beautiful hair. Our shampoo formulas put the strength of your crown first. 


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Why Our Customers Love Us

“The must-have for 2024.”

Gabriel Rivera-Barraza.

(author of Nuevo New York)

"has made my hair grow healthy and has kept me environmentally conscious :)"

Elizabeth V.


“I am never going back to liquid shampoo or conditioner.”

Sophie Reyner


“I’m growing a lumberjack beard and it feels really really nice there too.”

Julian Porter


“Tried so many salon recommended products and none of them have worked as well as this.”

Payal Patel.

(healthcare advocate)

“I am obsessed. My hair is softer, tamer, and sheds less. I’m wearing it down without a blowout.”

Debbie Rabinovici.


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