Gift: Bar Rescue Bag

A simple solution to save every gram of your mighty Nolé shampoo and conditioner bars. This ultra-fine cotton baggie features a pull closure to keep all your scraps in place. Rub the bag with the scraps directly on your scalp (if filled with shampoo scraps) or on your ends (if filled with conditioner scraps). Feel free to fill it with shampoos or conditioners of different “flavors,” make sure to keep one shampoo and conditioner scraps separate.
Good For

Nothing fancy

Healthy hair doesn’t need expensive gadgets. Just good, clean products and a few simple accessories are all you need to show your crown some love.

Our roots

Just south of Mexico is a country rich in natural treasures, Pacific and Caribbean beaches, volcanoes, Mayan relics and ancient Pre-Columbian wisdom: Guatemala. Oh, and it’s also the proud birthplace of Nolé.